Edgewood Patrol

Our Mission

Provide community-based solutions to enhance the safety and well being of all our neighbors.

Core Values

- Inclusion          - Respect          - Diversity          - Collaboration

About Us

Founded in August of 2020, Edgewood Patrol, Inc. was organized to help provide additional patrol and security services to the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta.  Following the footsteps of our predecessor, Edgewood Security Patrol, Inc. as well as neighboring community organizations, we strive to provide a safer community for our residents and business owners.

We are a Nonprofit Organization under the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code and an IRC 501(c)(4) Organization.  (Tax-exempt, NOT tax-deductible)

Edgewood Patrol is committed to providing resources to the community to support non-police alternatives to issues.  To stay up to date, follow us on Social or email info@edgewoodpatrol.org and ask to be added to our Mailing List.

For the 2022 Patrol Year, Edgewood Patrol will be sponsoring 1 Flock Safety LPR Camera directly in the Edgewood Community to assist in crime prevention and resolution.  To learn more about Flock Safety - visit their website at FlockSafety.com.  LPR (License Plate Reading) Cameras only photograph from behind and are placed in a way to avoid human image captures.  They do capture make/model and license plates and automatically pass information on flagged vehicles to APD. 

Members and Sponsors of Edgewood Patrol support incremental police presence by select Atlanta Police Department off duty officers.  These officers are in full uniform and patrol in APD marked vehicles.  These patrol hours are in addition to APD standards and provide an added level of security that the city cannot fund.  

Edgewood Patrol maintains communication with the APD in an effort to prioritize problem areas in our neighborhood.  Members will be given the ability to submit concerns, but note that we do not guarantee resolution to individual issues.  

Officers are in direct contact with Zone 6 Precinct during their patrol, as well as with 911 dispatch.  

Members also have the ability to submit Vacation Patrol Requests, where an officer will monitor your home while you are away.  (During scheduled patrol shifts only). 

Edgewood Patrol, Inc. is not affiliated with the Atlanta Police Department.  If you have an emergency or witness a crime, CALL 911.  

Edgewood Patrol, Inc. Bylaws
As part of New Member Registrations, we have included the option to add on a Donation to support Neighbor in Need.

Neighbor in Need’s main objective is to tackle any home repairs that degrade the quality of life for the homeowner or devalues the home. Repairs typically include heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing and light construction like repairs to soffit, sheetrock, porches, flooring, etc. Our other objective is to provide resources and expertise to help seniors protect their assets (which in most cases the largest is their home).

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Have Questions?  You can reach us via Email, Facebook or Instagram or send us a good old fashion note to our P.O. Box.  

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